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Department of Mathematics

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The Department of Mathematics came into existence when Indira Gandhi Post Graduate Regional Center at Meerpur, Rewari (Haryana) was established in the year 1988 by M.D. University, Rohtak to provide some post-graduate programs in various departments including M.Sc. Mathematics. Presently, the Department of Mathematics offers M.Sc. Mathematics, M.Sc. Mathematics with Computer Science and Ph.D. programs. The faculty members of the department are actively engaged in teaching, research, and administration. The fields of specialization are Algebra, Coding Theory, Number Theory, Graph Theory, Inventory Control Theory, Fixed point Theory, Theoretical Seismology, Fluid Dynamics, Reliability Modeling Analysis, Operation Research, Bayesian Statistics, and Cosmology.


To be an internationally recognized center for research and teaching in Mathematics. To encourage excellence, innovation, integrity, and values for society in the department. To produce global leaders for academics and industry by imparting multidisciplinary and contemporary mathematical education to the students not only for this department but to be the other students also.


  • To contribute towards building the caliber of the students by providing quality education and research in Mathematics through an updated curriculum and effective teaching-learning process.
  • To impart innovative skills, teamwork, and ethical practices to the students to meet societal and industrial expectations.
  • To provide quality education in Mathematics for various academic programs across the institute.
  • To provide learner-centric, industry-focused, outcome-based academic programs at the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral levels that follow international models.
  • To offer integrated M.Sc. Program in Mathematics which is learner-centric, industry-focused, and adheres to outcome-based international models.

Faculty Members

 Name and CVDesignationResearch AreaEmail

Dr. Manju Pruthi


Professor¬†Algebra, Algebraic Coding Theory[email protected]

Dr. Mamta Kamra


Professor & ChairpersonFunctional Analysis[email protected]
[email protected]

Dr. Suresh Kumar


Cosmology[email protected]

Sh. Satish Khurana


Associate ProfessorInventory modeling, Nonlinear Analysis[email protected]

Dr. M. S. Barak


Assistant ProfessorTheoretical seismo-logy & Reliability Modeling[email protected]

Dr. Rajender Kumar


Assistant ProfessorInventory Management, Network Security[email protected]

Dr. Partibha Yadav


Resource¬†person¬†[email protected]


M.Sc. MathematicsFull2019-20 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sem) , 2022-23
M.Sc. Mathematics (Computer Science)Full2019-20 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sem) 2022-23
Ph.D.2019-20, 2021-22