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SrName of FacultyDean of FacultyDepartments
1.Faculty of Behavioral and Cognitive SciencesProf. Satinder Bal Dept. of Psychology
2.Faculty of Commerce, Management, Tourism & HospitalityProf. Tej Singh

Dept. of Commerce

Dept. of Management

Dept. of Hotel & Tourism Management

3.Faculty of Earth, Environment & Space SciencesDr. Vipin Kumar

Dept. of Geography

4.Faculty of EducationProf. Vijay Kumar

Dept. of Physical Education

Dept. of Education

5.Faculty of Engineering & TechnologyDr. Savita SheoranDept. of Computer Science & Engineering
6.Faculty of HumanitiesProf. Subhash C. Sharma

Dept. of English

Dept. of Hindi

7.Faculty of Law

Dr. Bijender Singh

Dept. of Law
8.Faculty of Life SciencesDr. Suman

Dept. of Botany

Dept. of Zoology

Dept. of Bio- Technology

Dept. of Environmental Sciences

9.Faculty of Pharmaceutical   SciencesDr. Sunil KumarDept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences
10.Faculty of Physical SciencesProf. Mamta Kamra

Dept. of Mathematics

Dept. of Physics

Dept. of Chemistry

11.Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr. Vikas Batra

Dept. of History

Dept. of Economics

Dept. of Pol. Science

Dept. of Social Work

12.Faculty of Sports Science

Prof. Nikhilesh Yadav

Dept. of Yoga
13.Faculty of Art, Aesthetics & DesignProf. Suresh Kumar 
14.Faculty of Indic StudiesDr. Rashmi Pundeer