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The logo of the Indira Gandhi University carries a variety of symbolic meanings embedded in itself.In the midst of the logo are the words “Satyamev Jayte” which inspire us always to follow the path of truth which only can ultimately lead us to victory. The rays of the sun indicate that the light of knowledge destroys the darkness spread around us. The torchlight at the centre of the logo is symbolic of the fact that we can lit the dark paths of ignorance with the torch of knowledge and move towards success and fulfillment.

The Ashok Chakra in the logo conveys the fullness of life through following the precepts of perennial principles of life in different circumstances.

The ‘book’ and the shloka “Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya” build a sense of conviction in us that knowledge has the power to drag us out of ignorance.

The flower petals in the outer circle of the logo remind us of our duty towards nature and inspire to live in harmony with nature. The wheat spikes signify the importance of grains.

The saffron colour in the logo exbibits the feelings of sacrifice and compromise. In the end, this logo, through the shloka “Sa Vidya Yaa Vimuktaya” demonstrates the truth that learning ultimately frees us from ignorance. This logo, therefore, inspires us to achieve perfection, harmony, fulfillment and knowledge by using various symbols.