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Department of Chemistry

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The Department of Chemistry, established in 2015,is located at the first floor of Sardar Patel Bhawan of the University. The Department imparts education at Master level, Masters programme in Chemistry (M.Sc. Chemistry) with Inorganic, Physical, Organic specializations and doctorate level, Ph.D. programme. The M.Sc. programme is of two years split into four semesters. At the entry level in M.Sc. programme,every year 60 students are admitted through the entrance examination. In the Ph.D. Programme, at present 3 research scholars are actively engaged in the doctoral work. Separate laboratories are available for each specialization along with a research lab. From the session2019-20, CBCS and from 2022-23, CBCS-LOCF is implemented in the Department. The Department provides good opportunities for research at doctoral level on a variety of topics in conventional and inter-disciplinary areas with other departments and institutions. Major thrust is in the areas of Heterocyclic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Microwave-mediated Organic Synthesis and Reagents in Organic synthesis. A number of chemistry-based activities like science quiz competitions, extension lectures, seminars and workshops are organized regularly. A good number of students have qualified NET-JRF, GATE and other competitive examinations. The Chemical Society of the Department is actively engaged in organizing various co-curricular and outreach activitiesfor the overall personality development of the students.

To train students to be highly effective instructors, researchers, and contributors to Chemical based industries and stakeholders globally. Be regarded as a prestigious centre of scholarly achievement worldwide.


  • To advance chemical sciences research, science, and education.
  • To create skilled employees for businesses and industries based on chemistry's experimental methods and methodologies.
  • To offer learning environments that are centered on the needs of the students in order to help them develop as people as a whole.

Faculty Members

 Name and CVDesignationResearch AreaEmail

Dr. Rashmi Pundeer


Associate Professor & ChairpersonOrganic Chemistry

[email protected]

[email protected]

Dr. Karan Singh


Associate ProfessorOrganic Chemistry[email protected]



M.Sc. (Chemistry)



2 Years  


DateProceedings of meeting
21.05.2022Proceedings of UGBOS Minutes
24.05.2022Proceedings of PGBOS Minutes
29.08.2022Proceedings of PGBOS Minutes



12.05.2023Career Orientation Program
26.04.2023Extension Lecture On Computational Chemistry
25.04.2023Annual Meet Cum Farewell Function
13.04.2023Chemistry Carnival with Adornment, Poster and Portrait Competitions
07.04.2023Industrial Visit at Kimia Biosciences Ltd., Gurugram
17.02.2023Tattvaprakashika Lecture Series in collaboration with Hindu Girls College, Sonepat and Wiley VCH Germany on the topic “Exploring Recent Trends and Research Opportunities in Sciences”
10.12.2022Yoga for Holistic Health and Quiz Competition
30.11.2022An interactive session with Prof. V. K. Sharma, M. D. U. Rohtak
21.11.2022An Orientation Program (CSIR-NET/ JRF, Gate)
18.10.2022Various competitions on the occasion of Diwali Celebration
11.10.2022Induction program for the Session 2022
04.08.2022One Day workshop on “Basics of IPR, Patent Filing and Drafting”
04.06.2022World Environment Day Celebration in Collaboration with N.S.S., Y.R.C.
19.05.2022University- School outreach program
17.05.2022An awareness program organized on occasion of World Hypertension Day
07.05.2022Extension lecture by Dr. Ravinder Kaur, Assistant Prof Department of Chemistry, Kurukshetra University
01.05.2022Extension lecture by Dr. Ravi Tomar, Assistant Prof Department of Chemistry, SGT University, Gurugram on the topic “Boron Compounds, Carboranes, Borazines”
25.04.2022Extension lecture by Dr. Anirban Das, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Amity University, Manesar, Haryana on the Topic “Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials, Photo Electron and photo Catalytic properties of Nano structured materials”
20.04.2022Chemistry Carnival event
16-28.02.2022Lecture workshop on the topic “Recent Advances in Material Science for Sustainable Development in Energy Applications”organised for the celebration of National Science Day, Department of Chemistry, Indira Gandhi University, Meerpur Rewari in collaboration with Department of Physics, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Under the liaison of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.
15.01.2022Extension lecture by Dr. Vinod Singh, Assistant Professor, School of Biotechnology, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra on the topic “Discovery of cell structure of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells, Classifications of cell types, bio membrane, Fluid mosaic model of membrane structure”
31.12.2021Quiz Competition
20.12.2021Awareness Programme on “Carrier Opportunities in CRO’s” by Mr. Suryakanta Dalai, Associate Director, Jubilant Biosis limited, NOIDA
13.11.2021Induction program for the session 2021
26.08.2021One day Seminar on “Modern Trends in Quality Education” Organized by Indira Gandhi University, Meerpur, Rewari in association with J. C. Bose University of Science & Technology, YMCA, Faridabad
27.07.2021Extension lecture by Dr. Anil kumar, Assistant Prof Department of Chemistry, Eternal University, Baru Sahib Himachal Pardesh
26.06.2021Extension lecture by Dr. Anil Kumar, Assistant Prof Department of Chemistry, Eternal University, Baru Sahib Himachal Pardesh on “ Polymer Chemistry”
26.05.2021Extension lecture by Dr. Ravinder Kaur, Assistant Prof Department of Chemistry, Kurukshetra Univetrsity on “QSAR”
23.05.2021Extension lecture by Dr.Azaj Ansari, Assistant Prof Department of Chemistry Central University of Haryana, Jant – Pali, Mahendergarh on “Computational Chemistry”
11.05.2021Extension lecture by Dr. Ankita Saini, Assistant Prof Department of Chemistry, Kurukshetra University
05.05.2021Extension lecture by Dr. Deepak Kumar Aneja, Assistant Prof Department of Chemistry C.B.L.U Bhiwani Haryana on “Computational Chemistry”
20.02.2021Chemistry slide show event
12.01.2021Induction Program for the session 2020
12-13.03.2019Two- Day National Workshop organized by Department of Chemistry, I.G. U. Meerpur in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur on the topic “Chemiinformatics and Its application in Research and Pharmaceutical Industry”

Flame Photometer


UV Visible Spectrometer

Digital Melting/Boiling Apparatus


Triple Distillation Unit

Soxhlet Apparatus

Ultra Voilet Inspection Cabinet Dual-Wave

Electronic Balance


Digital Conductivity Meter

Ultrasonic Interferometer



Digital PH Meter

Kipp's Apparatus

High Temprature Tube Furnace

Magnetic Stirrer with Temprature Probe

Precision Water Bath


Centrifuge Machine

Sushma Singh, Poonam Devi, Rashmi Pundeer, Vishwas Chaudhri (2022) Application of diacetoxyiodobenzene in the desulfurization of arylthioureas.

Raman Lakhia, Neera Raghav, Rashmi Pundeer (2022) Dehydroacetic acid hydrazones as potent enzyme inhibitors: design, synthesis and computational studies.

Vishwas Chaudhri, Richa Prakash, Rashmi Pundeer(2022) Advances in the Arena of 1-(4-hydroxy-6-Methyl-2H-Pyran-2-On-3-yl)-3-Arylpropenone: Preparation, Reactivity and Transformations.

Parmod Kumar, Sumit Sood, Anil Kumar, Anurakshee Verma, Lalit Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Vijay Kumar, Anil Kumar and Karan Singh (2022) 1,3,4-Trisubstituted Pyrazoles: Synthesis, Antimicrobial Evaluation and Time Resolved Studies.

Anil Kumar, Shikha Kashver, Kajal Sharma, Parmod Kumar, Vandana Devi, Anil Kumar, & Karan Singh (2022) Microwave-Assisted Iodotrimethylsilane-Promoted Synthesis of Novel Pyrazolyl Chalcones.

Parmod Kumar, Harshita Phougat, Anil Kumar, Anurakshee Verma, and Karan Singh (2022) Microwave-Assisted OPC-VH Mediated Synthesis of 2-Amino-1,3,4-thiadiazoles.

Rashmi Pundeer, Vishwas Chaudhri (2021) Synthesis of N-aminoimidazol-2-thione derivatives using tandem approach.

Pooja Ranjan, Richa Prakash, Vishwas Chaudhri, Rashmi Pundeer (2021) Hypervalent Iodine (III)- Mediated Monochlorination of Pyrazolyl Chalcone Analogs.

Kour D, Kaur T, Devi R, Yadav A, Singh M, Joshi D, Singh J, Suyal DC, Kumar A, Rajput VD, Yadav AN, Singh K, Singh J, Sayyed RZ, Arora NK and Saxena AK (2021) Beneficial microbiomes for bioremediation of diverse contaminated environments for environmental sustainability: present status and future challenges.

Harshita Phougat, Vandana Devi, Sanjay Rai, T Shreedhar Reddy and Karan Singh (2021) Urea derivatives of Piperazine Doped with pyrazole-4-carboxylic acids: Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation.