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Department of Psychology

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Chairperson (Acting) : Dr. Satindar Bal Gupta

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M.SC( Psychology)





DateProceedings of meeting
23.11.2021Proceeding of UGBOS
23.11.2021Proceeding of PGBOS 
20.08.2019Proceeding of PGBOS
  1. An Academic tour was organized on 28th February, 2020 by the department of Psychology IGU, Meerpur, to NBRC (National Brain Research Centre, Manesar) was to aware student for the newest technology or about the leading research in the field of neuroscience and how it relates to psychology emerging area.
  2. One day academic tour at PGIMS (Rohtak) on 17th May, 2022 was conducted by the department of Psychology IGU, Meerpur, for the students to encourage them in their field and get to know about the psychological disorders & diagnosis, psychological testing, counseling techniques & practice. Students got aware about the issues of concern in the field of Psychology.
  3. On 10th of September, 2022 “World Suicide Prevention day” was organized by the department of Psychology at IGU, Meerpur by Students & Professors. A ‘NUKAD NATAK’ was played to aware people about causes of suicide. Shows how different situation in day to day life take a life of people like stress, depression.
  4. World Mental Health day was celebrated on 10th October, 2022 ‘An Awareness Rally’ about mental health was performed in the University & nearby villages to spread the awareness and importance of Mental Health like our physical health.
  5. The Academic Audit was conducted by the department of Psychology on 15th October, 2022. In that syllabus, testing tools, Labs, faculty, and other factors were assessed by the committee. The Department of Psychology has one clerk, two Assistant Professor (Resource/Contractual) and there is a need for at least 03 regular Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, one peon and lab attendant. The students are learning as per the requirement of the syllabus (Self – Study Paper & Seminar), for smooth functioning of department availability of regular and senior faculty is needed to provide direction and supervision.
  6. The Higher Education Institutions play an important role in development of individual family and society laying foundation of a strong nation. The goal is to enrich all field of knowledge inculcate sense of responsibility and enhance the inner potential of an individual. Induction Programme was organized by the Department on 20.10.2022 All the Faculty members & students were participated in the programme. Purpose of student induction programme is to help the new student adjust & feel comfortable in the new environment, inculcate in them the ethos & culture of the institution, help them build bonds with other students, faculty members, & expose them to a sense of large purpose & self exploration  Department level induction programme organized before regular classes start. Chairperson Prof. Satinder Bal, delivered an introductory talk, with very knowledgeable concept. We have invited a special guest Prof. Nikhilesh Yadav Department of English, IGU, Meerpur, Rewari. It was a wonderful session that covered the areas: Psychology, literature, philosophy, marketing Industrial Psychology etc. Students were told about syllabus, Practicals, seminars, self study, scheme of examination etc. Students were taken for department visit, lab was shown.  Library visit was also arranged for them. They were also guided about the different activities of the University, courses as well other entities run by IG University like NSS, YRC, Sports, Yoga class etc.